Web content

Is your Web content clear, complete, concise and current?

In today’s technology marketplace, first impressions – and even purchase decisions – are often made before your company’s salespeople or partners ever speak with your customer.

To meet this challenge, your Web content needs to work at many levels. It needs headlines and visuals that quickly tell your visitor that you have something important and relevant to say – and it also needs to provide a path for the visitor to follow for more information.

Davis has created compelling, useful Web architectures and content for many successful technology companies, and is ready to help you with yours.

Completed projects:

Conceptualized the structure and navigation, wrote all the content, and worked with Minerva Networks’ team to replace its Web site with one much better suited to the needs of its customers
Drove the web site architecture and developed all the content for the 2009 launch of Gear6 and its flagship offering Gear6 Web Cache
Developed product content and webinar support materials in support of Finisar’s NetWisdom family of SAN monitoring tools
Launched and developed fifteen months of content for Symantec’s first worldwide marketing intranet, in order to improve understanding across the company of the role and importance of marketing
Advised HP’s education services group in planning its worldwide employee information Web site
Worked with HP product and Web teams to overhaul the company’s server web site, with a particular focus on making the content more visually compelling and current
Overhauled the Web site for Photosolve, a company that offers innovative add-on products for digital photography
Wrote a customer white paper documenting HP’s internal uses of its Adaptive Enterprise design principles
Created a Web-based virtual tour of the Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View, California

Many other projects that included Web and intranet content are described in the launch area of this site.

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