Media is firmly established as a “must have” for the online presence of any technology company. Are you using it – and using it effectively?

There are many creative and interesting ways to put video to work for your company:

• tutorials

• customer stories and testimonials

• product tips

• answers to the most commonly-asked questions

• ongoing video blogs

Completed video and event projects:

Wrote a crucial sales kickoff speech for the new CEO of a large business intelligence software company, who was appearing before his worldwide sales force for the very first time
Wrote the script for a Flash animation showing the benefits of running SAS business intelligence software on HP Integrity servers with Virtual Server Environment (VSE)
Developed a presentation, including both visuals and detailed speaker notes, for the CMO of a large software company to deliver to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
Wrote the script for an HP Internet trends interview that was shown on both cable television and airline in-flight video
Masterminded a set of six partner videos that were shown at the worldwide sales kickoff meeting of a large supplier security and availability solutions
Developed the script for a corporate video project undertaken by Junebug Films
Served as executive producer for Symantec’s 2004 “Information Integrity” launch, to kick off the largest “thought leadership” campaign ever undertaken by the company
Developed the sales kickoff keynote speech for the CEO of a large business intelligence software company
Developed the presentations made by the CEO and COO of Symantec at a once-a-year Analyst Day event for the financial community
Oversaw Y2K communications and crisis management planning for HP’s personal computing and Intel server divisions
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