Presentation materials can be wonderful tools – or huge impediments – to clear and effective communication. It all depends on the care and thoughtfulness used to develop them. Whether you have a brand-new topic to present, are undertaking a major revision to an existing presentation, or just want to make an existing presentation more compelling, Davis can help.

He has unmatched abilities to see through the clutter and discover with you just what you’re trying to communicate. He can very effectively articulate and illustrate key concepts in few words, or develop visuals that will cause the positive reaction you want. And having developed dozens of presentations, some given just to one person and others to thousands, he can create presentations perfectly suited to your unique needs and requirements.

Completed projects:

Developed all launch and customer presentation materials for the 2009 launch of Gear6 Web Cache, and for a series of follow-up webinar events.
Developed presentation materials used by a marketing agency to present the results of its research on global IT talent to a key client
Created a high-impact presentation for the annual meeting of a global software company
Developed a presentation to communicate the benefits of HP’s IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings in ways that are tangible and meaningful to customers
Developed an internal presentation to help an enterprise education organization to improve its process for defining new education offerings
Created materials for an important annual financial analyst day for Finisar Corporation
Created presentations used by Celestica to communicate to computer and electronics companies the value of its design and engineering services
Developed presentations used by Symantec to help its customers understand new US Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, and to understand how Symantec offerings would help
Created a customer overview presentation of HP’s enterprise education services organization, featuring case studies showing how other large customers had benefited from HP education
Developed visuals that helped the board of directors of a large communications equipment company to understand several complex and interdependent factors and make a number of important investment decisions
Transformed a text-heavy 80-slide PowerPoint presentation (in German!) into a crisp ten-slide overview for a crucial investor conference
Developed customer, partner and analyst presentations for FInisar’s NetWisdom storage-area network (SAN) monitoring and analysis system
Created the presentation and a self-running slide show, and managed all the speakers, for a large public forum on the proposed California high-speed rail network
Developed a presentation about the industry drivers creating growth opportunities in computer and internet security

Many other projects that included Web and intranet content are described in the launch area of this site.

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