What is our offering? Who is it for? What problem does it solve – or what opportunity does it create? What are the alternatives to our offering? And how is ours different and better?

All too often, technology companies rush past these and other basic – but crucially important – questions. Without clear and concise answers to these questions, it is much more difficult to develop effective marketing materials and programs.

Anyone you try to reach has two mental lists: a “to-do list” and a “wish list.” If you’re not addressing something on one of those lists soon after you have the person’s attention, you are not going to be successful.

Davis excels in helping you discover, or re-discover, your vision, the key concepts that resonate with customers and other audiences, and the most memorable and effective ways to communicate those ideas.

Completed projects:

Overhauled the messaging for IPTV vendor Minerva Networks to provide a story much more relevant to the needs of telcos and other broadband service providers, who can use Minerva’s offerings to drive new and profitable business
Surveyed the engineering design services offered by Celestica to computer and electronics companies, developed a framework for communicating them, and developed sales force and customer materials to drive awareness and sales
Developed a messaging architecture that served as the foundation for the 2009 launch of Gear6 and its flagship offering Gear6 Web Cache. Learn more
Conducted a four-week investigation of the in-store computer, networking and software opportunities at quick-service restaurants (“QSRs”), including an analysis of the impact of Microsoft’s ActiveStore initiative and proposed product and technology contributions from HP
Brainstormed and then finalized a naming system for a new family of network “tap” devices
Developed an investor guide to help the financial community understand the offerings and potential of Starlight Networks (which was eventually acquired by PictureTel)
Proposed messaging and marketing program alternatives for a family of HP laptop computers
Developed messaging and customer presentation materials for Internet infrastructure software company Rainfinity
Provided messaging assistance and created several presentations in support of HP’s e-services Internet strategy
Developed presentation materials to communicate the customer benefits of the alliance between Sun and Oracle
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