The launch of a new product or service is the most important moment of its entire life.

You have one opportunity to reach your audiences with a clear and compelling story about its features and advantages, the problems it solves, and the opportunities it creates. As a veteran of dozens of launches Davis can help you do it right through:

• clear positioning and messaging

• launch planning and management

• development of launch materials

• training materials for salespeople, partners, employees

• conceptualizing and scriptwriting for launch events and videos

• planning and execution of marketing and sales programs

Completed projects:

Worked with the management team of venture-backed startup Gear6 to orchestrate a successful company and product launch and to enable subsequent growth.
Developed content for the launch web site, marketing materials and product packaging for Adobe FrameMaker 9 technical publishing software
Developed the sales kickoff presentation for the CEO of a business intelligence software company – essentially the “launch” of the new CEO before the company’s sales force
Served as executive producer, and wrote all the content delivered by Symantec’s CEO and COO during the company’s 2004 “Information Integrity” launch and global satellite broadcast
Drove the public launch of the HP-Microsoft-UPS “E-Christmas” initiative, an early effort to spur the development of e-commerce in Europe
Developed sales and customer training materials for the launch of Symantec’s initiative in support of the VISA “Cardholder Information Security Program” or “CISP”
Created presentations and written materials to equip a large company’s sales force to respond to fear, uncertainly and doubt (“FUD”) being sown by the company’s competitors during a large acquisition
Managed the launch of Scale Eight’s rich media storage service through Exodus Communications, Inc.
Announced a new support program to help HP salespeople and partners to identify and close important business
Conducted an investigation about creating and launching a new service to provide remote support of customers’ IT infrastructures
Managed the public launch of nSite Software Inc, ultimately acquired by SAP Business Objects
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