Executive communications

Davis has worked with many CEOs and CxOs to prepare their speeches and presentations, and their appearances on video, on the web, and in print.

Past work in these areas includes:

• speechwriting and delivery coaching for large company and industry events

• scriptwriting and coaching for appearances on video

• adapting and streamlining exciting company materials to suit the unique needs of a particular executive or event

• working with a company’s management team to gather, organize and prepare content for presentation by the CEO

• writing in the CEO’s “voice” for annual reports, employee intranet sites, and publication

Completed projects:

Developed presentations delivered by the president of Symantec’s Norton (consumer) business for the company’s FY’09 worldwide sales kickoff meeting, a worldwide press tour, and the company’s annual financial analyst meeting
Developed the 2007 sales kickoff keynote speech for the CEO of a large business intelligence software company, used in his first appearance before the company’s sales force
Served as executive producer for Symantec’s 2004 “Information Integrity” launch, to kick off the largest “thought leadership” campaign ever undertaken by the company
Developed the presentation given by the CEO of Finisar at the 2007 Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) in Washington, DC
Wrote a crucial sales kickoff speech for the new CEO of a large business intelligence software company, who was appearing before the company’s worldwide sales force for the very first time
Developed the presentations made by the CEO and COO of Symantec at a once-a-year Analyst Day event for the financial community
Created presentations delivered by the management team at Finisar at an important annual financial analyst event
Developed a presentation, including both visuals and detailed speaker notes, for the CMO of a large software company to deliver to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
Transformed a text-heavy 80-slide PowerPoint presentation (in German!) into a crisp ten-slide overview for a crucial investor conference

Many other projects that included Web and intranet content are described in the launch area of this site.

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